These programs are free because designing and coding programs is sufficiently satisfying that no other reward is required. It's great if people enjoy using a program but, for many authors, the satisfaction lies in their creation. However, a component of that satisfaction comes from believing that a program works well, so all that is asked of those who use these games, is that they report any problems encountered, so that they can be fixed as soon as possible.


The email address for comments, suggestions and bug reports is:

The Nerd Test result in the adjacent figure is definitive proof that at least one of the authors of the programs is someone worth contacting.

Nerd Test

Nerd Test

Apparently one author is "an Uber Cool Nerd King".


Comments and suggestions about the programs are welcome. There are many extra features which could be added if requested.

Bug Reports

Please report any problems found with the programs or the documentation and they will be fixed as soon as possible and a replacement download made available. Please describe the problem as clearly as possible! If the problem occurred when working on an external puzzle it is important that a copy of the puzzle is included in the bug report. Each of the programs save diagnostic messages in a special log file stored on your machine. It is essential that a copy of this file is included in any bug report.

The files for pzl games are stored in the user's home directory in the directory ".pzl". The log files for each game are stored in a subdirectory of .pzl under the name of the game. For example ".pzl/sudoku/sudoku.log" or ".pzl/sokoban/sokoban.log". It is this file that should accompany each bug report.

NB the leading "." means that on Linux ".pzl" is a hidden file and may only be shown if the appropriate command is issued. A file browser may need to be set to "show hidden files". Please attach the appropriate log file to your bug report email message.