The excellent game Wordle became more widely known towards the end of 2021 and many clones and variations of the game were also created, one of which being the interesting Absurdle. Our program "Wordy" contains two options inspired by these games. The first based on Wordle and the second on Absurdle. Both can use words of length 4, 5 and 6 letters, and each allows players to choose the maximum number of allowed tries.


Wordy Example

Wordy Example

A completed wordy wordle game.


At the top of the display is a Toolbar. The jigsaw piece button at the left is a menu which has options for choosing the game type, selecting word length, maximum number of attempts, the font size, and for saving the current settings. To the right of the puzzle icon is the game icon used to start a new game and a sad smiley which is used to show the solution for the Wordle option and the remaining words for Absurdle. Right again is a clock which ticks every 5 seconds. Letters can be entered using the keyboard or the onscreen keys.


We believe that both Wordle and Absurdle use two lists of words: a larger one to screen out nonsense words and a much shorter one from which to select solutions. Both of the Wordy options use a single list which does both jobs. The words are taken from Brian Kelk's UK English wordlist and comprise 6056 of six letters, 3784 of five and 1989 of four.

Only words from the list are accepted. Then, entered letters are coloured green if they are in the target word and in the correct position, yellow if they are in the word, but in the wrong position, and dark grey otherwise. Note the scope for ambiguity if a letter is coloured yellow and the same letter is also green in another position.

Obviously, Absurdle requires more complex coding than Wordle and it was that which inspired us to devise our own version. We have not looked at the Absurdle code but have skimmed through the explanation, particularly the comments regarding breaking ties between equal-sized response buckets, and believe our method is equivalent and deterministic.

Wordy Worked Example

A video to demonstrate wordy options. The player selects "Absurdle" and sets the word length to 4, then plays the game using mostly the keyboard but also the onscreen display. Having used the same word order before she rapidly forces a result.