Arrow Jigsaw Sudoku (ajs) is a combination of jigsawsudoku and arrowsudoku which are each variants of Sudoku. Please refer to the adjacent figure.


All of the standard sudoku and arrowsudoku algorithms except Locked Candidates still apply. Players are requested to refer to the jigsawsudoku and arrowsudoku pages for more information.

The game contains 1000 puzzles, each of which can be solved by the built-in hint algorithms. Given the complexity of defining ajs puzzles we do not provide methods for loading additional puzzles.

ajs Worked Example

The player uses the green box at the top to enter a new puzzle number and the puzzle is displayed. She then uses the menu to set the hint mode to "most effective". The player then right clicks on the hint button and the program applies the Exclusion Rule exhaustively and so clears many candidates. As this is just for demonstration purposes she then completes the puzzle using only the hint option: left-clicking to select and then apply each hint, but right-clicking whenever an answer is set.